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Your source for large, wide, XL clothes hangers for XL-XXL+ Big and Tall plus size clothes for Men and Women and closet organization.  $2.00 each

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The ultimate wide clothes hanger designed in America for XL-XXL+, plus size and Big and Tall.

If you wear XL, XXL+ clothing, you know that clothes hangers will cause lumps in all your shirts, jackets, and tops.

MrBigXL clothes hangers have the right dimensions for Big and Tall shirts, dress shirts, plus size, XL shirts, Women's wear, XXL shirts, big clothes, plus size, and closet organization.

I just wanted to say thanks for bringing these hangers to market. I got my first shipment in a few weeks ago to try them out and will now definitely be ordering more. They are absolutely perfect!

Thanks again

Thanks so much! My husband looks funny walking around with "lumps" pointing up out of his shoulder blades.

I have a friend who also has this problem, she currently folds most of their t-shirts, polos & henley style shirts to avoid the "pucker effect", as we call it!
Thanks again


Thanks for the note Richard, I am sure I will need more and so will my wife as we trade summer clothes for winter.

Our clothes look so much better now. No more dollar store hangers in this house!

Bob T.

Designed and tested on XL and XXL  

polo shirts
Aloha shirts
golf shirts
dress shirts
leather jackets
dresses and tops
Perfect for Big & Tall
Plus size
big clothes
designer closet
closet systems
clothes storage
closet organization

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 clothes hanger in action!