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MrBigXL® Testimonials and Letters
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Thank you for your quick response. I actually received them today thank you so much for all your help.

   - Thanks Farah!  also, i found a way to hang many shirts quickly.  Put arm thru neck and out one sleeve, grab hanger by middle and pull thru to the neck.  You can hang 5 or more shirts on your arm this way and mass hang.  Removal is the reverse, grab the middle of the hanger and push it out one sleeve.  done.
Would these work for a 4XL shirt? My son is big and needs something for his good shirts beside the wal-mart things that keeps him looking as though he will by flying off.

Hi Rahja,
these were designed for XL and XXL, they will work better than anything else i've seen for larger sizes too.  You can take a tape measure to the 4XL shirt and see how it will fit. The MrBigXL hangers are 22.5" wide at the tips.


Thanks so much! My husband looks funny walking around with "lumps" pointing up out of his shoulder blades. I have a friend who also has this problem, she currently folds most of their t-shirts, polos & henley style shirts to avoid the "pucker effect", as we call it! 

Thanks again


These hangers look to be just what I've been looking for. My husband is not tall, but he does have wider shoulders than many guys
his height. My only question is about the slipping that may occur. He has some felt, puffy hangers and they keep the shoulder
from slipping off the end. The ones I have, however are too narrow. Do your hangers have texture to keep this sliding problem to a minimum?

Bev N.

Hi Bev,

yes there is a fine texturing on the upper side of the arms of our hangers, it prevents slipping even on thin pieces like women' wear.
The width of these hangers also spreads the contact with the shirt over a larger area, and it hangs more naturally without movement from everything i've seen.

Thank You


Just received my hangers and put my jackets and shirts on them.  They are great. 
I am a 4X guy and these hangers are perfect.
Thanks for good service and swift delivery.  I will buy again.
John D.

These hangers are great.  The usual small hangers available at any stores leave those annoying bump on the shoulder of my shirts.  Your hanger RESOLVED  this problem!   I really appreciate your excellent  customer service.  I will be recommending this fabulous hanger to my relatives and friends.

Best Regards,

 How wide are these hangers?

    22.5" tip to tip